Union withdraws charges against Murrays, but vows to keep up pressure


UNITE HERE Local 17 has told the National Labor Relations Board that it wants to withdraw the charges filed against Murrays Steakhouse by Local 17 this past April. “A court hearing has commenced before an administrative law judge. Some testimony has already been heard, we know that we have a just case, but not one that we can prove to the extent necessary in court,” said Nancy Goldman, president of Local 17. 

Local 17 has represented the servers, cooks, dishwashers and bartenders at Murrays for nearly 50 years. A dispute erupted when Murrays imposed a number of concessions effectively stripping long term workers of healthcare, vacation pay and a number of other long held benefits.

“The Murrays, who support three owner families on the backs of our members, wanted to lower the cooks and dishwashers pay by 10% and tried to rush to impasse,” said Goldman. “Our charge prevailed in the first round of the NLRB procedure, but after lengthy discussions, we have concerns about dragging this out and ultimately proving our case to the satisfaction of the judge.”

For its part, the labor community has supported the Murrays workers and has applied pressure against Murrays and will continue to do so, Goldman said, adding “Local 17 will be asking the AFL-CIO for its full support in letting Murrays know that we do not think taking everything from these workers is fair or necessary.”