U of M police issue crime alert after three violent assaults


The University Police Department has issued a crime alert in response to three violent assaults that took place near campus in the early morning hours of Saturday, September 9.

The University and Minneapolis police departments say that the incidents took place at the following times and locations:

? 12:30 am at 16th and University Avenues
? 2:00 am at 12th and Como Avenues
? 2:15 am at 12th and Talmage Avenues

In each case, a male victim was approached by a group of between 5 and 15 males and beaten. In two of the cases, a baseball bat or stick was used and the victims needed to be hospitalized because of the extent of their injuries. The victims were not robbed, and there seems to be no other motive for the attacks.

University police are asking anyone with any information about such groups of people being in these areas near the times of the attacks to contact the Minneapolis Police Tips Line at 612-692-8477, Sergeant Erika Christensen of the Minneapolis Police Department at 612-673-3407, or the University of Minnesota Police at 612-624-COPS.

Police are also warning students and other residents in the University area to avoid walking alone at night and to carry a cell phone so they can call 911 if they feel threatened or observe suspicious activity. The Minneapolis and University of Minnesota Police say they are in continuous radio communication, and either or both will respond.

For the complete text of the University’s crime alert, “click here”:http:www1.umn.edu/police/alerts/alert20060913.html.