Twins still in the hunt


by Jean Gabler | 9/30/09 • We are in the last week of regular season baseball and the Twins are still in the thick of a pennant race. Every game still counts. Because of a rain postponement on Monday, the Twins played two games against Detroit on Tuesday. We won the first game and lost the second so we ended the day still two games out of first place—with two more games against Detroit and a three-game series against Kansas City this weekend. Again, all you have to do is some simple math to see how we could be Central Division champions by next Sunday. We just need to win one of the two games left against Detroit to enter the final series still in contention.

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I went to New Ulm yesterday to see my mother so I listened to the first game on the radio as I was driving. About an hour outside of New Ulm I called my mom. She, of course, was listening to the Twins on the radio too and we talked about the fact that it was a 1-1 tie and a good baseball game.  I was just leaving the town of Nicollet when the Twins finally won the game in the 10th inning. Within a minute of Nathan getting the last out my text message notification went off—it was a message from my daughter Jenny saying “Go Twins.” That is the great thing about baseball. Here I was in the middle of the corn fields of southern Minnesota and I was connected to my Mom in New Ulm, and all of my family spread out among Minneapolis, St. Paul, Robbinsdale, and Fridley. I knew that every one of them was hanging on each pitch from Nathan the same way that I was. And sharing that passion makes each victory even more fun.

So, if you have not done so, you still have time to jump on this crowded bandwagon. Yes, you might be hurt, but you may be on for one heck of a ride. That’s the risk you take when you fall in love.

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