Twin Cities gardens on parade


Twin Cities’ gardeners couldn’t ask for a more gorgeous August day for the 2009 Parade of Community Gardens, which took place under clear blue skies on Saturday.  During the “parade” gardeners from all over the Cities’ opened their plots to the public, showing off their bounty as well as supporting community gardening as a sustainable and eco-conscious way of producing food.  Nearly forty garden locations participated, each one containing multiple gardens.


2009 Parade of Community Gardens: A showcase of the Twin Cities’ community gardeners


A full-grown sunflower


Some recently picked tomatoes, ready for washing


Twins ballplayer Shannon Stewart guards a garden from rodents


Sunflowers are a popular choice amongst Twin Cities gardeners


A gardener pauses from his work


Growing peppers: many of the Twin Cities’ community gardeners grow and eat what they harvest


Tomatoes, in various stages of ripeness


Garden enthusiasts wander amongst the gorgeous gardens


A gardener pulls weeds that could otherwise threaten to choke out her vegetables. Weeding is a huge and meticulous part of the gardening process


The pollination process taking place



A young watermelon soaks in the sun’s rays