TUESDAY PICK | TUES NGHT MUSC CLUB celebrates a year of good times with the Uptown vets


If you go to Triple Double on Tuesdays to see the people your momma warned you about, then TUES NGHT MUSC CLUB (no typo) is where you go to meet the people you could bring home to her. If Dad’s a vet, he might be on the scene already: the party’s held at the Uptown VFW. Ringleader Matthew Jacobs takes a democratic approach: ordinary people can reserve shifts spinning physical records or virtual tracks while the friendly revelers shake their hips and toss back the free popcorn and coffee that sit conveniently within reach at the edge of the small dance floor. On May 29, TUES NGHT MUSC CLUB celebrates its one-year anniversary; get ready to sweat.