TRUTH TO TELL – JAN 16: EDUCATION IN MINNESOTA: Who Judges Teachers and Teaching?



JAN 16: EDUCATION IN MINNESOTA: Who judges Teachers and Teaching?

The national education magazine, Education Week, has issued the latest in a multi-year report card on state education systems entitled, “Quality Counts.” While there may be serious questions about Minnesota’s commitment to educational excellence overall, what should be the criteria for judging the success of our system and is it fair to compare states at all with their diverse sets of laws, rules, regulations, governance structures, and labor contracts, and, if it is what does a “D+” in the Teaching Profession category even as we receive a B+ in Chance for Success.

TTT’s ANDY DRISCOLL and LYNNELL MICKELSEN talk with education professional, a legislator, teacher reps and a parent on the credibility and ideas contained in “Quality Counts” report and whether or not the media is overblowing report card grades given out by what is essentially another media outlet.


MAUREEN PRENN, Acting Dean, College of Education, Minnesota University at Mankato

KATE TOWLE, Active Parent (11 years) and Member, Minneapolis District Parent Advisory Council.

REP. MINDY GREILING, Chair of Education Finance Committee, MN House of Representatives and former Teacher, St. Paul Public Schools.


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