Tree gators and dead sod: 2014 Nicollet Avenue construction update


You may have noticed that the winter was not kind to some of the new, greener features of Nicollet Avenue. This spring there were a number of trees that didn’t make it through their first winter and there were lots of patches of dead grass.

According to the Park Board they are still working on their spring tree planting, but as soon as that is done, they will be out to inspect the trees along Nicollet. They will removing any dead or broken trees and planting new trees this fall.

The trees along Nicollet Avenue are also scheduled to get tree gators. Tree gators are the green bags that go around the base of the tree and help new trees get started by supplying a steady source of water. Once they are installed people should help keep the trees in front of their property filled.

LNA has also been talking to the City about all the dead sod along the corridor. So far the City has installed sod twice along most of Nicollet from Lake to 36th street and once fro 36 to 42nd. The contractor who installed the sod is responsible for watering a couple of times, but after that watering and maintenance, including cutting are the responsibility of the property owner. The City has said they are looking into the current condition of the sod, but haven’t determined if they will be involved in replacing any of it.

The last update is the whole new Nicollet Avenue is scheduled to be striped and seal-coated this year. This will be the final scheduled step in the construction process and is intended to provide a final layer of protection for the road and permanent markings.