Traveling with Pets


Read about this film in Cyn Collins’s Daily Planet review, “21 films in 11 days.”



Director Vera Storozheva presents a beautifully shot portrait of a woman discovering her potential after too long on the sidelines.

Somewhere, at a remote train station in faraway Russia, pretty young Natalia is miserably married to a brutish, much older man who regards her as a domestic servant. When her husband unceremoniously drops dead, Natalia (Ksenia Kutepova) finds herself free for the first time in her life. Awakening to her own appeal, she strikes up a dalliance with a local lad, a cheeky truck driver (Dmitri Dyuzhev) but can’t help but wonder if there’s even more to discover beyond the confines of her country house with only a goat and a dog passing for society… The director: “I was attracted by the motif of a woman waking up sensually. The main character is travel- ing from non-existence, from her inadequate understanding of the world and a semi-dumb state towards blossoming and becoming a human. It’s rather an inner process, but the time has come when she starts analyzing who and what she is and what she needs in this life.” A Best Picture winner at the 2007 Moscow International Film Festival.


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