Traditional Cambodian dance at Intermedia Arts


One of the reasons we wanted to homeschool was knowing that our children are bi-racial we wanted them to have a really strong sense of who they are and where they come from. This means a fair amount of instrucition in Cambodian art, culture, history, language and music. Proeun and I are learning a lot along the way as well.

This weekend the Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans hosted one of their monthly cultural events. This time focusing on dance at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis. When we discovered that Cambodian dance would be included we jumped at the chance to go.

Proeun’s mother used to dance traditional Cambodian style (ap’ saraa). We have often thought about putting Avril in it but the nearest class is 45 minutes away and every weekend. It is a huge time commitment so for now we will just enjoy cultural events.

Avril posing with the dancers before the show.

The children were very into the dancing. Two was sitting nexted to me and wanted to know where each of the dancers were from. The dance program also included Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Tibetan and pan-Asian modern dance. They were very excited to see the Cambodian dancers.

Mavis was way more into it then I would have thought. But there were pretty dancers, costumes and music so I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised. She was even trying to copy some of the movements.

Dancers from CAAM Chinese dance theater.

Indian modern dance.