Tommy’s Top 10


by Wendy Gennaula • August 4, 2008 • Every year Tommy compiles a list of his favorite shows for the fringe website. This year he has broken his personal attendance record. He has seen eleven shows in four days. He only has two official kid’s shows to see-A Royal Birthday Mess, which opens tonight, and Ars Longa, vita brevis. So here is Citizen Journalist Tommy:

Good To Momma is the blog of Wendy Gennaula, one of five bloggers covering the Minnesota Fringe Festival for the Daily Planet.

“Thanks, Mom. I’m going to do a top ten list(as the title informs). Most of these are kid’s shows, by the way, so you take the kids along too.”

10. Maggie’s Magical Cat and Other Catastrophes

“Clearly, this is a girls show. All the actors are girls, there’s girl themes, yada yada yada. Overall, it’s a fun experience, but I clearly recommend this for girls. Plus, did I mention that all of the cast shares memories of grade school?”

9. PieRats: The Crusade for Peaches Cobbler

“This play ranks a little over the middle. The story is okay, with good plot twists, but doesn’t have enough humor(although there are lots of gags, most of them are running gags of shutting up Clueless Willie) Overall, it’s a ‘just for fun’ show.”

8. Frizzabelle and the Circus

“The show’s climax, which is the circus performing, is one of the best scenes I’ve seen at the Fringe. The story and acting is good, there’s good comedy, and it’s, overall, a great show.

7. The Legend of Little Bad: Not Her Father’s Fairytale

“This is one of those shows where everything is great! The only scene that lags is one about two ‘not-so-handsome’ princes, but everything else gives a smile.”

6. Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead

“I….WANT….MORE….ZOMBIES!!!!! This show, about an occurrence of the fictional Elizabethan Zombie Plague, is funny, a little scary, and filled with….duh, zombies! However, this show is NOT FOR KIDS.”

5. The Supercilious Ways of Walter Wading

“This show, aimed at the little guys, has simple all over it. Simple fun, simple story, simply great! The acting is superb, the scene at the beginning is excellent, and it’s extreme fun. Go see it, NOW!”

4. Silent Poetry – A Tribute to Marcel Marceau

“Shhh….it’s Silent Poetry, and it’s GREAT! Hilarity and heart are present in the show, with humorous bits such as ‘Jack*** The Mime’, ‘The Creation of the World’ and my personal favorite, ‘A Day at the Church'(you’ll see why) Young kids may not understand what he’s doing. Recommended for ages 9+.”

3. Robin Hood The Musical

“The best musical I’ve seen at the Fringe! Great songs fill up the show, and it gives a smile in your face. Also, Robin Hood has a girl who’s kind of like a daughter, and she’s just cute! There are a few cons, though. The story’s a bit mashed, the sound system had problems, and songs come and go a little too fast. Still, this is a must see!”

2. An Inconvenient Squirrel

“This….is PURE COMEDY! Excellent story, excellent acting, excellent humor. The costumes are funny as well. You should GO SEE IT NOW!!!!!!”

1. Fools For Love

“Best….Fringe….Show….EVER!!!!!! This is FLAWLESS!!!!!!!!! Humor, heart, acting, story, fun….IT’S PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy Gennaula is a singer and actress in the Twin Cities. She is the mother of two extraordinary Fringelings.