Tommy’s Top 10 2009, Part 1


by Wendy Gennaula | 8/6/09 • Tommy (age 11) has seen 15 shows (including Wayside School twice). I am handing my blog over to him this morning.

10. The Nightingale

‘The Nightingale’, while not perfect, is good and worth a look. The acting is very good. The ensemble does a very nice job. They are good actors and they are great dancers. Also, the Nightingale can really sing. However, the story has some slow pacing, but that’s easy to overlook.

9. Keiko Kasza’s A Mother for Choco

‘Keiko Kasza’s A Mother for Choco’ is the most charming show I’ve seen in a while. While it’s more for the little ones, it’s still appealing for a kid like me. However, it sometimes feels like the songs, while nice and cute, are only there to get the show to the Fringe time limit. Overall, it’s a great way to introduce your little ones to theater.

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8. Two Short Operas: Mr. Berman’s Bath-Size Bar and There’s a Mastodon In My Backyard

‘Two Short Operas: Mr. Berman’s Bath-Size Bar and There’s a Mastodon In My Backyard’ is….well duh, two short operas! Going to the first opera, ‘Mr. Berman’s Bath-Size Bar’, I am glad to say that it was hilarious. The plot is about a man who checks into a hotel and….becomes upset because they won’t stop giving him three small bars of soap when he’s brought his own bath-size bar. And that’s only the beginning. The plot is utterly ridiculous, and that’s the best thing about this opera. The second opera, ‘There’s a Mastodon In My Backyard’ about a woman who finds mastodon bones in her backyard, relies on the catchiness of it’s melodies rather than a ridiculous plot, isn’t as good as ‘Mr. Berman’. (I still can’t get that melody out of my head, though.)

7. In Another’s Size

‘In Another’s Size’, which is about high schoolers switching bodies, is hilariously fun. Directed by Joseph Scrimshaw of last year’s ‘An Inconvenient Squirrel’ and produced by Stepping Stone students, the show has some great quality. Brian Kelly does a great job as the school’s lunch lady (yes, lunch lady) and the other teachers at the school. Also, you never really get confused about who switched into who’s body, and that’s a great accomplishment. The students themselves are also very good actors – playing two roles in one show is a big feat, and they aced it.

6. The Mutant Squad

‘The Mutant Squad’, about a group of teenagers trying to take down a mutant, is funny. Oh, and it’s borderline for kids, but it’s perfect for teens. They have some hilarious jokes (the ending joke is laugh-inducing but it’s too inappropriate to describe). I liked the mutant himself – he acts like a nutto, but in a good way. Overall, ‘The Mutant Squad’ is an absolute must-see.

Okay then, since I’m quite lazy right now, I’m going to end Part 1. (Part 2 will come tomorrow!)

TNG out!

Wendy Gennaula is a singer and actress in the Twin Cities. She is the mother of two extraordinary Fringelings.

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