Today in the Daily Planet


“Minnesotan arrested in Colombia”:
By Mary Turck, Special to the Daily Planet
A human rights activist from Minnesota was arrested September 4 by Colombian authorities

“Timeline spans U of M pedestrian bridge”:
By Maisha Downey, The Minnesota Daily
U of M students “rewrote history” Tuesday with a historic timeline on the Washington Avenue Bridge

“Lee finds hope in the center”:
By Craig Cox, The Minneapolis Observer
Independence Party congressional candidate Tammy Lee sees a new generation of independent voters in the 5th District

“Two jobs is a way of life for some Twin Cities women”:
By Michelle St. Martin, Minnesota Women’s Press
Moonlighting has become a common phenomenon among women trying to make ends meet

“Norm Coleman and U.N.”:
By Jeff Nygaard, Nygaard Notes
Is Sen. Coleman the right person to be negotiating with the United Nations?

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