Today in the Daily Planet


“University police cracking down on campus partying”:
By Kevin Behr, The MInnesota Daily
U of M police are launching an unprecedented effort to shut down rowdy partiers this semester

“Confessions of a smoker: Dave Thune is still trying to quit”:
By Sid Pranke, Pulse of the Twin Cities
St. Paul City Council Member Dave Thune, the author of that city’s smoking ban, continues to struggle with his own nicotine addiction

“Ananya’s army on the move in ‘Duurbaan'”:
By Camille LeFevre,
Ananya Dance Theatre’s newest show clearly has a mission

“New Northside agenda: 500 families, 10,000 scholars, five principles”:
By Louis J. King III, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
A new strategy to revive North Minneapolis will combine jobs, education, and family values

“Welcome to the service economy”:
By Peter Rachleff, Special to the Daily Planet
With the closing of the Ford Plant, we can no longer deny that we are at the end of an era