Today in the Daily Planet


“Wake Up Wal-Mart activists think globally, act locally”:
By Michael Moore, Workday Minnesota
Activists reach out to Wal-Mart employees to change the giant retailer’s practices

“Powered out of work”:
By Edwin Okong’o, Mshale
In Kenya, the traditional timber harvesting skill is losing out to technology

“House hopefuls court votes for primary”:
By Courtney Blanchard, The Minnesota Daily
Fifth Congressional District DFLers look for support on campus

“On the traffic issue, we’re our own worst enemy”:
By Dave Healy, Park Bugle
We don’t have to look far to find the causes of our traffic problems

“In search of a great buffet”:
By Wameng Moua, Hmong Today
Don’t dismiss buffets as “food factories”