Today in the Daily Planet


“Minneapolis poised to select local company to build wireless system”:
By Craig Cox, The Minneapolis Observer
A key City Council committee on Monday approved the selection of Minnetonka-based U.S. Internet to build the city’s Wi-Fi network

“St. Paul AIDS activists visit Uganda to support orphanage”:
By Marilyn Grantham, Park Bugle
A St. Anthony Park duo hope to deliver more resources to support a home for orphans

“The power of the primary”:
By Marco Fernandez Landoni, La Prensa de Minnesota
Latino voters can have an impact on their government by voting September 12

“R.I.P. private pensions”:
By Ron Cohen, Workday Minnesota
Globalization and corporate greed are threatening workers’ pensions

“Katrina reminds us that the civil rights struggle is not over”:
By Marc Morial, Insight News
On the first anniversary of the Katrina disaster, we’re reminded of racial disparities