Today in the Daily Planet


“AFL-CIO unions tout organizing successes”:
By Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota
At the state AFL-CIO convention in St. Paul, officials celebrated the more than 10,000 workers who became members in the past year.

“Henry-Blythe to leave Day Care Association”:
By Craig Cox, The Minneapolis Observer
Sharon Henry-Blythe, executive director of the Greater Minneapolis Day Care Association, announced her resignation.

“Homeless veterans find some help”:
By Elizabeth Cook, The Minnesota Daily
Nearly 500 homeless veterans took advantage of the services at the annual Stand Down gathering last Friday.

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“Learning for Leadership Charter School set to open this fall”:
By Nancy Sartor, The Northeaster
The city’s newest charter school will feature student-directed learning.

“The giving gene”:
By Kelly Westhoff, Minnesota Women’s Press
Passing a philanthropic inclination from one generation to the next isn’t as difficult as it may seem.