Today in the Daily Planet


“2006 elections are focus of Minnesota AFL-CIO convention”:
From Workday Minnesota
With the 2006 elections first and foremost on their minds, union members from across the state will gather Monday for the biennial convention of the Minnesota AFL-CIO.

“St. Paul bank will be first in state with certified eco-design”:
By Dave Healy, Park Bugle
The proposed Park Midway Bank will incorporate nationally certified environmental design elements.

“Building a ‘Bridge of Dreams’ on the North Side”:
By Chris Harrison, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
A new art program aims to lift a community up.

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“More video evidence dominates third day of Zimmermann trial”:
By Liz McLemore, Special to the Daily Planet
More detailed notes on last week’s trial of the former City Council member

“A book of poems with bite”:
By Matt Graham, The Minnesota Daily
Alex Lemon’s new book, Mosquito, chronicles a terrifying medical ordeal.