Today in the Daily Planet


“Death of jailed woman incites calls for justice”:
By Chris Nisan, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
The family of Maria Inamagua, an Ecuadorian woman who died after falling ill while in custody at the Ramsey County jail, is calling for an official investigation of her treatment while incarcerated.

“Architecture group designs places for the poor”:
By Todd Melby, KFAI Radio
Like other entrepreneurs, architects want to make money. To do that, they design factories, hospitals, condos and fancy houses for the rich. What they don’t often do is design places for the poor.

“Fringe Festival promises thrills, spills”:
By Dwight Hobbes, Pulse of the Twin Cities
The annual Fringe is bigger–and better–than ever.

“Day two of Zimmermann trial reveals tapes, video evidence”:
By Liz McLemore, Special to the Daily Planet
More notes on the bribery trial of the former Minneapolis City Council member.

“Citywide Wi-Fi plan gets local tryout”:
By Cyn Collins, The Bridge
The Southside Wi-Fi pilot project gets a test drive.