Today in the Daily Planet


“Study shows Minnesota kids struggling”:
From Insight News
A new study shows that the number of Minnesota kids living in poverty has increased over the past four years.

“‘Bread and butter’ politics dominate Building Trades Convention”:
By Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota
Jobs, education, health care, transportation – bread and butter issues – dominated the Minnesota Building Trades’ annual convention, where the focus was clearly on this fall’s elections.

“City may revoke rental license from notorious Southeast landlord”:
By Patricia Nauman, The Bridge
In a rare move, the Minneapolis City Council is likely to shut down one of the city’s worst landlords.

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“Man survives suicide jump from bridge”:
By Sara Schweid, The Minnesota Daily
A 50-year-old man who jumped from the Washington Avenue bridge on Saturday in an apparent suicide attempt survived the fall.

“After 47 years, West Bank bar calls it quits”:
By Ann Alquist, KFAI Radio
Citing the county smoking ban, the owner of the Viking Bar on Tuesday announced the legendary West Bank music venue would be closing.