Today in the Daily Planet


“Zimmermann bribery trial opens in Minneapolis”:
By Liz McLemore, Special to the Daily Planet
Notes on the first day of the former City Council member’s trial

“U of M takes new approach to funding medical technology”:
By Yelena Kibasova, The Minnesota Daily
The University is taking a fresh approach in licensing a new invention that one day might treat macular degeneration.

“Youth protest Bridges development in St. Paul”:
By Vanessa Gertz, KFAI Radio
The Bridges of St. Paul, a proposed new housing development on the West Side of St. Paul, hasn’t started to raise scaffolding yet but it has raised the voices of local West Side teenagers.

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“Probation office not a good fit for Central Avenue”:
By Kerry Ashmore, The Northeaster
Hennepin County officials should drop plans for a neighborhood community corrections office on Central Avenue.

“Volunteer geneologists plan Anoka County cookbook”:
By Gail Olson, The Northeaster
Anoka County historians hope to celebrate the county’s heritage through recipes.