Today in the Daily Planet


“Northsiders cheer inspection sweep, until tight deadlines hit”:
By Gail Olson, North News
In an unprecedented housing inspection sweep, inspectors have cited more than 8,000 code violations in North Minneapolis.

“Henceforce, being googled is bootylicious—just ask Professor Anatoly”:
By Jaye Beldo, Pulse of the Twin Cities
A U of M linguist and author explains the evolution of the language.

“In the shadow of the Guthrie, Bellamy and Penumbra grapple with community connections”:
By Janell Hickman, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Despite wide acclaim, the Penumbra Theater founder laments the lack of support from the black community.

“The travel writer’s quest”:
By Mary Alterman, Special to the Daily Planet
The Loft’s first Travel Writers Festival opens new horizons for one struggling writer/mother.

“Against all odds, the Middle East gets worse”:
By Jim Klobuchar, Special to the Daily Planet
With the help of Bush’s fumbling foreign policy, eternal war in the Mideast is now a distinct possibility.