Today in the Daily Planet


“Disparity and discrimination”:
By Jose A. Aldea and Marco Fernandez Landoni, La Prensa de Minnesota
A new study finds wide disparities in police behavior.

“Jennifer Mattson to challenge Matt Entenza in DFL primary”:
By Mike McIntee, Inside Minnesota Politics
Local attorney calls Entenza unfit to serve

“Hiawatha facility could be come first in Minneapolis to adopt sustainability standards”:
By Craig Cox, The Minneapolis Observer
Council vote could spark eco-friendly renovation

“Environmental protection makes fiscal sense”:
By Kathleen Schuler and Samuel Yamin, Special to the Daily Planet
Environmental pollution costs the state $1.5 billion a year.

“On being a citizen reporter: an international perspective, part v”:
By Gregory Daigle, Special to the Daily Planet
Ethan Zucherman of GlobalVoices on the emergence of ‘bridge bloggers’