Today in the Daily Planet


“Minneapolis ordinance would crack down on dangerous animals”:
By Craig Cox, The Minneapolis Observer
A City Council committee has approved an ordinance that would sharply increase the costs of harboring dangerous animals and help cover the city’s costs of monitoring them.

“Midway bank presents revamped plan for Como site”:
By Dave Healy, Park Bugle
Park Midway Bank officials presented a revamped site plan and building design to the District 12 Community Council.

“B Girls be-ing role models they never had”:
By Lorena Duarte, La Prensa de Minnesota
The Be Girl Be festival expands the definition of hip hop.

“Confessions of a food fundie”:
By Haddayr Copley Woods, Minnesota Women’s Press
A food purist struggles through her children’s world of freeze pops and Coke.

“On being a citizen reporter: an international perspective, part IV”:
By Gregory Daigle, Special to the Daily Planet
Bryan Nunez, Technology Manager of, on the media and human rights.