Today in the Daily Planet


“Women rock climbers are ascending the ranks”:
By Shelby Gonzalez, Minnesota Women’s Press
On a sunny afternoon in July, I was dangling from a rope in front of a nearly featureless rock face and thinking about my friend Laura. Lake Superior sparkled 200 feet below me.

“Health care system can be fixed, says author”:
By Sarah Wernimont, Special to the Daily Planet
Kip Sullivan argues that the solution to America’s health care issues lies in a Medicare-style program.

“Living the good life for 106 years”:
By Terri Hoff, Camden Community News
Florence “Flossie” Johnson continues to amaze her family and friends on her 106th birthday anniversary.

“Mourning Marcus White”:
By Michelle Martin, Special to the Daily Planet
White was a diligent and committed worker who was trying to navigate a positive course for his future.

“On being a citizen reporter: an international perspective, part II”:
By Gregory Daigle, Special to the Daily Planet
Thoughts on the future of news from Craig Newmark, founder of