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“Poisoned neighborhood”:
From Insight News
Residents of a South Minneapolis neighborhood demand action to clean up arsenic in their soil

“Nonprofit founder reaps rewards for giving clothing and services to people in need”:
By Danielle A. Engle, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Bernice Gilliard built a social service organization from the ashes of her own misfortune

“Graffiti: The cause and cure”:
By Cyn Collins, The Bridge
Minneapolis city officials seek yet another cure for the proliferation of graffiti

“Kids Voting St. Paul makes plans for the fall election”:
By Dave Healy, Park Bugle
The organization aims to engage 20,000 St. Paul students in the mechanics of democracy

“U prof paints gloomy picture for Israeli-Palestinian conflict”:
By Dan Groth, The Minnesota Daily
There’s very little time left for peace in the Mideast, says one U of M expert