Today in the Daily Planet


“Tanzania’s president touts nation’s progress at St. Thomas appearance”:
By Swallehe Msuya, Mshale
Tanzania is the ideal destination for investors and tourists, said President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete in a Thursday speech at St. Thomas’ Minneapolis campus

“City looks to moratoriums to slow building boom”:
By Craig Cox, The Minneapolis Observer
While the current building boom may be good for the local economy, city officials are looking at development moratoriums in two neighborhoods to ensure proper planning

“School Board candidates agree big changes needed”:
By Matthew Little, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Five School Board candidates discussed the challenges ahead at a September 21 forum

“Argentinian performer on a Quixotic adventure”:
By Marya Morstad,
Paulina Brener, who brings Don Quixote to life today at Walker Church, has pushed the boundaries of performance since his arrival from Argentina in 2001

“Southeast residents heating their water with the sun”:
By Vadim Lavrusik, The Minnesota Daily
A new program is helping residents in the Southeast Como neighborhood move into the solar age