Today in the Daily Planet, 9/5/07



“Last look at the State Fair”:
by Brian, Special to the TC Daily Planet
Suffering from State Fair withdrawal? For more photos and stories, go to Brian’s blog, My Pronto Pup for an affectionate look back at the State Fair.

“This punishment is a crime”:
by John Fitzgerald, Minnesota 2020
When punishment is handed down to schools that don’t meet state mandated test scores, schools lose money where it is needed most: to help poor children learn how to read.

“City has limited time to shape bridge design”:
by Kari VanDerVeen, Downtown Journal
Although the I-35W bridge that collapsed into the Mississippi River was in the heart of Minneapolis, city officials have limited power to dictate how it is rebuilt. Bridge discussion sessions on Wednesday, Thursday.


“Volunteering matters to retired St. Paul dentist and his wife”:
by Lisa Steinman, Park Bugle
‘Beautiful’ is the word Dr. Fritz Morlock uses most often to describe the abandoned children of Cochabamba, Bolivia. He encountered them last March when he and his wife, Lynda, traveled to Bolivia as members of an annual humanitarian and educational expedition that provides dental care in clinics serving homeless and orphaned children in Cochabamba.

“Community Voices: MN Energy Challenge”:
by Catherine Axley, KFAI
The Center for Energy and Environment is inviting you to take the Minnesota Energy Challenge.


“2007 Farm Bill hits the final stretch”:
by Adam Warthesen, Land Stewardship Project
The Farm Bill is about more than farmers — it affects what food is available at grocery stores, how school lunch programs operate, what information appears on food labels, and the cleanliness of our water and environment.


“Remembering the Beer Hunter”:
by Craig Cox, Ballot Box