Today in the Daily Planet, 9/29/07



“Reliving life in a refugee camp — in Loring Park”:
by Abdi Aynte, Minnesota Monitor
The tiny huts, the small latrines and the white tents inside metal barricades looked startlingly familiar even though they were part of a replica of a refugee camp. I felt a little jolt in my heart as I stood in line Thursday to get inside the “camp” set up in Loring Park in Minneapolis. This was one flashback, to my time in a camp in Kenya, which I never thought I’d relive here.

“Northstar and Central Corridor both pick up funding”:
by Mary O’Regan, Downtown Journal
Rail lines get funding for right of way acquisition and for preliminary engineering.

“Immigrant tradition at Edison dates back to 1922”:
by Gail Olson, The Northeaster
In the 1933 Wizard yearbook, Edison High School Assistant Principal Ruth Fitch Cole wrote an open letter to students. “One of your ancestors left home, friends, and country to come to a new home and to adopt a new country. I do not know whether he came with those first settlers in the New England wilderness or whether he came with you in his arms. …May you, his descendant, be brave to undertake; may you work hard to overcome; and may you have that faith and hope which accomplishes.”


“Katha Dance Theater performance explores identity and culture”:
By Colette Davidson
Using dance, music and spoken verse, ‘Dots and Feathers’ attempts to bring to life the issues of race and identity in the Asian Indian and Native American communities, creating a bridge between the two cultures. Katha Dance Theater, in collaboration with area artists, presents ‘Dots and Feathers’ this weekend at the O’Shaughnessy Auditorium at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul.

“Iraq demonstration on September 22”:
by Benno Groeneveld, KFAI
Last Sunday there was yet another anti-Iraq war demonstration at the capital, the second one in a week. The numbers were smaller and the crowd was different from the 1500 demonstrators who showed up a week earlier.

“Marcy-Holmes offers historic preservation grants”:
by Sarah Phemister, The Bridge
For your average property owner, the idea of repairing or restoring an historic building probably seems a little daunting. The Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association (MHNA) is hoping make the process easier through Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) funding grants of up to $1,500.


“Long-term care reform needs to be part of the health care solution”:
by Matt Entenza, Minnesota 2020
If we’re ever going to reform our health care system successfully, part of the solution must address long-term care. Given the growing role of long-term care as America ages, that’s just common sense.


“New test results provide clarity & confusion”:
by Joe Nathan, School Talk