Today in the Daily Planet, 9/20/07



“Walldogs look to the past and plan to change the future”:
by David Schommer, Special to the TC Daily Planet
When Mark Hinds, Executive Director of the Lyndale Neighborhood Association, found a picture of 3537 Nicollet Avenue dated 1915 and compared it to the status quo, he knew something had to change. The shop-window of a nice little grocery store was long gone; instead, an ugly, graffiti-tagged wall caught the eye. Mark wondered what he could do to stop the graffiti and decay.

“Session Reflections: Keith Ellison”:
By Brady Averill, Downtown Journal
Representative Keith Ellison reflects on his first months in Congress.

“Metro congestion even worse”:
by Conrad deFiebre, Minnesota
Twin Cities rush-hour commuters waste nearly $800 and the equivalent of a work week sitting in traffic each year, and the problem keeps getting worse, according to the latest Urban Mobility Report from the Texas Transportation Institute.

“‘Don’t squander good will,’ lawmakers tell U”:
By Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota
The University of Minnesota is jeopardizing its support in the Minnesota Legislature by not reaching a fair settlement with striking workers, lawmakers said Tuesday.


“Sartorial Splendor, Twin Cities Style”:
by Kara Nesvig, Minnesota Daily
THIS WEEKEND: Minneapolis’ most fashionable gather for various fabulous events, dahling!

“Rabo Ventures hosts Nigerian artiste”:
by Bukola Oriola, African News Journal
Rabo Ventures and Movie rentals, a supplier of Nigerian movies and music in sales and rentals has hosted one of the foremost Yoruba movie artiste, Babatunde Omidina from Nigeria.

“Artists make a better stir stick, and more”:
by Becky Lang, Minnesota Daily
The Goldstein Museum in St. Paul has collected our trash and every avenue we take to create it for its latest exhibit, ‘Products of Our Time.’

“New World Jazz Series features Tunisian Dhafer Youssef”:
by Stephen Brunia-Brown, Minneapolis World Beat
‘The kind of gig you watched and prayed would never end, charged with such magic that you knew you would be telling people about it in years to come.’ —Straight No Chaser

“Remembering Dismemberment: Catherine Sullivan”:
by Ann Klefstad, MN Artists
Catherine Sullivan, erstwhile dorm-mate of local dancer Dylan Skybrook (who collaborated on this show), has been making exciting video installations and films around the world. Her ‘Triangle of Need’ is at the Walker through Nov. 18.


“My Father is My Hero”:
by Natalya Berler, New Minnesotans Speak


“First Crayons”:
Essay by Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, MN Artists
Acclaimed food and wine critic Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl muses on the perils and pleasures of trying to raise a creative kid.