Today in the Daily Planet, 9/19/07



“Paulose under investigation by feds”:
by Eric Black, Minnesota Monitor
The federal Office of Special Counsel is investigating allegations that Rachel Paulose, U.S. attorney for Minnesota, mishandled classified information, decided to fire the subordinate who called it to her attention, retaliated against others in the office who crossed her, and made racist remarks about one employee.

“Times a-changin’: What does Ramstad’s departure do?”:
by Joe Bodell, Minnesota Monitor
Third District party officials on both sides of the aisle are about to become a bit more popular.

“Residents support NRRC vision, mission”:
by Al McFarlane and B.P. Ford, Insight News
At a block club leaders meeting on August 16 at Northpoint Health and Wellness Northside Center, residents voted to write a letter of support for the mission, work, history and role of Northside Residents Redevelopment Council (NRRC). The action followed discussions of two previous meetings at which the role and future of the 37-year-old neighborhood development organization was in question. In July, the block club leaders meeting heard a report of a committee meeting the previous month in which Bob Miller, director of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP), announced Minneapolis city government’s disfavor with NRRC.


“Which party can win Ramstad’s seat in 2008?”:
by Mike McIntee, Inside Minnesota Politics

“Students plan hunger strike to back walkout”:
Staff, Workday Minnesota
At least 10 University of Minnesota students began an indefinite hunger strike on Monday in support of striking campus workers.

“Disaster victim #16: ‘Worst of the best’ 35W survivor tells her story”:
by Gail Olson, The Northeaster
The pavement undulated in front of her.


“Why Big Stone II is a bad idea”:
by Senator Ellen Anderson, Special to the TC Daily Planet


“Museum day”:
by Eleanor Arnason, Facts and Fictions