Today in the Daily Planet, 9/13/07



“Disaster relief package enacted”:
by Mike Cook, Session Weekly
State relief is on the way for folks like Nancy Benson. She and her husband have lived in Rushford for decades; she serves on the city council and owns a small beauty shop in town.

“Will new buildings help the community?”:
by Gail Olson, Northeast News
Revolutionary? Maybe. But according to members of a North Side neighborhood group, it’s high time the community got guaranteed benefits from a proposed major development.

“Somali diaspora have a bigger role, experts say”:
Staff, African News Journal
The estimated two million Somalis in the Diaspora could have a positive impact in peace-building and development in the homeland, using their huge economic and social capital, said Jabril Abdulle, the executive director of the Mogadishu-based Center for Research and Dialogue.


“An open letter to Al Franken: Why did you support the Iraq war?”:
by Eric Black, Black Ink and Minnesota Monitor


“Right On Lake Street Comes to the MN History Center”:
By Joyce Wisdom, The Lake Line
A collaboration between Macalester College and Lake Street communities highlights the past and present.

“Chameleone Entertains East Africans in Minnesota”:
by Nelima Kerre, Mshale
At midnight, the atmosphere at the Eritrean Community Center was one of a regular social gathering rather than a concert. A few people danced to the East African tunes that DJ Dan from Kenya was mixing on the turntables, but the great majority were in their seats chatting with buddies.

“Minnesota gospel singer shoots for talent show stardom”:
by Vickie Evans-Nash, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Joylin Munro-Huggins started singing gospel music at the age of five in her native Santa Lucia.

“To Say the Truth: Here It Is”:
Lightsey Darst, MN Artists
Lightsey Darst reviews the extraordinary “here it is / here it is” by Melissa Birch at the Bryant-Lake Bowl. Remaining dates are September 16, 23.