Today in the Daily Planet, 8/3/07




“Hope and heroism on the bridge”:
by Mary Turck, Special to the TC Daily Planet
The kids on the bus call Jeremy Hernández a hero. He calls them his little brothers and sisters.

“Press conferences and politicos: Rosenker, Pawlenty, Peters, Coleman, Klobuchar, Tinklenberg, Oberstar”:
by Michael McIntee, Inside Minnesota Politics
Klobuchar: “A bridge in America just shouldn’t fall down.”

“When tragedy happens in your neighborhood”:
by Linda Lincoln, The Bridge
VOICES: I was biking home from my job downtown last night, riding across the Stone Arch Bridge just minutes after 6:00 pm and saw the cloud of dust that had been created by the collapsing bridge.

“A bridge falls in Minneapolis”:
By Steve Share, Workday Minnesota
VOICES: What do we say when elected officials, driven by ideology, oppose investment in public infrastructure and the taxes to pay for those investments?

“Bridge to Failure”:
by Rich Broderick, Ground Zero
BLOG: While it’s tempting to lay blame for the disaster at the feet of the Pawlenty Administration, it’s important to keep in mind that he is just a bit player in this tragedy.

“A bridge collapses and makes us look into our rear view mirror”:
by Jim Klobuchar
VOICES: The federal government needs the money to run the world and start wars and build bases on every continent, meaning it doesn’t have enough to keep things like old bridges healthy.

“Horrific sight at bridge disaster”:
By Dylan Thomas, Downtown Journal
Shock as city, county and state officials view “surreal” scene

“Council to declare state of emergency”:
By Dylan Thomas, Downtown Journal
Talks on future without bridge to begin this week.

“Local 49 member believed to be among missing”:
by Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota
Union members among victims, rescuers.

“Bridge collapse: Bike and bridge information”:
by staff, The Northeaster
More information on road and bridge closures due to the I-35W bridge collapse