Today in the Daily Planet, 8/29/07



“Living like a refugee: From Sierra Leone to the Minnesota State Fair”:
by Bashe Said, African News Journal
Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars band brings memories & healing to immigrant communities.

“Health insurance: The big bump in the road to entrepreneurship”:
by Lee Egerstrom, Minnesota
Limited access to health insurance and its daunting cost are discouraging Minnesotans from starting or expanding businesses and standing in the way of small towns seeking revitalization through entrepreneurship.

“TLC advocates for LRT on the new bridge”:
by Suzanne Pekow, KFAI
Plans for a new I-35W bridge have some local politicians and city planners reconsidering the future of public transit in the Twin Cities. KFAI’s Suzanne Pekow spoke with Dave Van Hattum, Policy and Advocacy Program Manager for Tranit for Livable Communities (TLC) who says, “it makes sense to build this bridge for a long-term future.”


“Columbia Heights High School promotes assistant to principal”:
by Gail Olson, The Northeaster
Andrew Beaton, Columbia Heights High School’s new principal, said he is confident that the school already has everything in place to help students succeed.

“Birdman of Lauderdale and the urban great blue heron”:
by Clay Christenson, Park Bugle
A great blue heron’s visit prompts discussion of watering birds.

“One of ten”:
by Michele St. Martin and Tara Mikenas, Minnesota Women’s Press
Jennifer Adams is an entrepreneur with a crescent wrench


“The Gonzales Legacy”:
by Geoffrey Stone, Huffington Post


“The Way out of Iraq is now in sight”:
by Stephen B. Young, The Fifth Column