Today in the Daily Planet, 7/5/07


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“Bark in the park”:
By Lila Bolke, Downtown Journal
The newest dog park in Minneapolis features limestone boulders for dogs to climb and sit on, a two-ton steel bridge for dogs to play on, a concrete bowl holding 65 gallons of filtered water, a decorative totem pole, trees and plenty of room for the canines to run around.

“Local officials and legislators rate the legislative session”:
By Dan Haugen, Linda Lincoln, Anna Pratt, Jeremy Stratton and Sarah Phemister, The Bridge
Successes are clouded by the governor’s vetoes.

“Visions envisioned: Reimagining Minneapolis”:
By Chros McDougall, Downtown Journal
A new vision for your neighborhood could be just one letter away.


“The Ruffled One returns”:
By Christopher Koehler, Downtown Journal

“Recommended: Jeffrey Hatcher’s ‘Mrs. Mannerly’ and Cafe Ena”:
By Anne Nicolai, Night and Day

“Women musicians find their voices in the Northeast music scene”:
By Melissa Slachetka, Northeast Beat Contributor

“B-Girl Rachel Raimist”:
From MN Artists and KFAI
Podcast of MN Artists interview with the co-founder of this month’s B-Girl Be celebration at Intermedia Arts.

“Basilica block party”:
By Mary O’Regan, Downtown Journal

“See the revolution over dinner”:
by Ed Felien, Southside Pride

“Not the Running Type”:
By Mary O’Regan, Downtown Journal

“Game over”:
By Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge