Today in the Daily Planet, 7/24/07



“The YouTube Debate: Softballs or Daggers?”:
By Joe Bodell, Minnesota Monitor
Minnesota Monitor looks at the first on-line presidential debate.

“Northland Poster shows strong link between art and activism”:
By Elliot Ward, Workday Minnesota
The massive show of support to save Northland Poster Collective is a testament not only to the good work Northland does, but to the important role art plays in organizing.

“17 Years Bridging Communities”:
By Staff, La Prensa de Minnesota
La Prensa de Minnesota celebrates 17 years of growth.


“Cheerleader on wheels”:
by Pamela Henrickson, Minnesota Women’s Press
A car accident changed Sharon VanWinkel’s life forever. Today, she changes other people’s lives by helping physically challenged people succeed at sports.

“Founder of Minnesota’s LGBT Rights Movement Dies at 58”:
By Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
Koreen Phelps died in St. Paul last week.

“Pan-African Investment Summit planning begins”:
By Ntuv Tunka, African News Journal
Partners meet for Minnesota’s first Pan-African Investment Summit.