Today in the Daily Planet, 6/22/07


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“‘Downtown Safety Zone’ funded for Hennepin County participation”:
By Dan Gordon, Special to the TC Daily Planet
Sheriff’s deputies will patrol downtown along with Minneapolis police.

“Putdown for Paulose: Colleagues Clap for Her Critics at Retirement Party”:
By Eric Black, Minnesota Monitor
Controversial U.S. Attorney’s unpopularity with her staff demonstrated.

“Lake Street Festival”:
Photos by Barclay Horner, Special to the TC Daily Planet
The first annual Lake Street Festival was a popular event this Fathers’ Day. The music festival stretched from Bloomington to 14th avenue on Lake Street celebrating the Latin communities contribution to redevelopment of the area over the last 15 years.

“Ellison to hold forum on immigration reform”:
By Michael Metzger, Downtown Journal

“Summer Solstice”:
By Chuck Olsen, MN Stories
Happy summer solstice. Did you get hit with any severe weather? Storms just flirted with Northeast Minneapolis. Here’s a cool time lapse of thunderhead clouds around sunset, with bonus secret messages.

Coffee shop ‘campers’ steam up some local business higher-ups”:
By Justin Horwath, Minnesota Daily
How long is too long to occupy a table?

“Chambers, Solera, Manhattan’s and Bank”:
By Anne Nicolai, Night and Day

“Bo Xa Lui Nuong: The Vietnamese Barbeque for Fussy Eaters”:
By Phyllis Louise Harris, Asian Pages

By Rosemary Ruffenach

“RexSpeak: Fimoculous’ Sorgatz on community journalism and keeping a ‘small media mentality'”:
By Paul Schmelzer, Eyeteeth

“The body electric”:
By Ann Bauer (first published in, republished by permission of author)
Our son’s condition kept getting worse, and everything we tried to help him failed. Then we discovered there was one final option: Electroshock therapy.

“Governor, legislative leaders, need to call special session to ‘get the job done’”:
By Bill McCarthy, Minneapolis Labor Review