Today in the Daily Planet, 12/4/07


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“Bridging the digital divide in the Twin Cities”:
by Julia Degen, TC Daily Planet
In the age of information technology, living without use of a computer and especially the internet seems unimaginable to many. How could you possibly do your homework, apply for a job, get to know when which movie runs or stay in contact with friends living far away?

“Despite similar origins, today’s financial crisis isn’t a 1980s repeat”:
by Lee Egerstrom, Minnesota 2020
The November economic forecast released on Friday filled in some of the numbers. The findings themselves, that Minnesota’s economy is weak and slipping behind the national average, were already well known. So, a projected state budget shortfall of $373 million for the current biennium only told us by how much – based on projections that assume economic conditions won’t get much worse.

“Silver Bay taconite plant wants old asbestos rule clarified”:
by Dan Haugen, Minnesota Monitor
There’s a new dust-up in a decades-old dispute over asbestos releases from a Silver Bay taconite plant. Attorneys for Northshore Mining asked a federal judge in St. Paul on Thursday to either overturn or clarify a unique rule meant to protect communities around Lake Superior from airborne asbestos particles.


“Seward Co-op to break ground on new building — Tuesday, Dec. 4”:
by Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge
Public ceremony marks beginning of move to old Riverside Market site

“MN Sierra Leoneans salute new government in homeland”:
by Issa A. Mansaray, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
West African nation’s VP, wife have local connections

“Place of mind: What, exactly, is a sacred space?”:
by Tracey Paska, Minnesota Women’s Press
They’re found inside the home and outside in nature. Some are centered on personal objects while others focus on natural elements. They’re used for prayer, meditation or relaxation. They’re called havens, sanctuaries and retreats, and above all they’re considered sacred spaces. What, exactly, is a sacred space?


“On the importance of accepting ethnic beauty”:
by Ka Vang, Minnesota Women’s Press
When my half-sister, Xia, entered my father’s hospital room after his quadruple heart bypass surgery, there was something different-unnatural-about her face. She waited for me to say something, and when I didn’t, she came inches from my face so I wouldn’t miss her new nose. My beautiful half-sister, who was born with a typical Asian nose-flat bridge and petite nostrils-now has a classic Roman nose that looked like it was ripped from Susan Sarandon.


“Strib snubs source in Target ‘Rounders’ piece”:
by Paul Schmelzer, Eyeteeth