Today in the Daily Planet, 11/6/07



“Local journalists weigh in on the future of news”:
By Colette Davidson, Special to the Daily Planet
Has the internet swallowed up newspaper readership? What is the future of news? What exactly is news? Local journalists tackled these questions and more on November 3, during the Twin Cities Media Alliance’s 2007 Annual Citizen Media Forum, ‘Life After Newspapers: Challenges and Opportunities for News Media and the Public.’

“The fast lane and the dirt path: Corporate media, democracy and the FCC”:
by Paul Schmelzer, Minnesota Monitor
In ‘Rich Media, Poor Democracy,’ communications scholar Bob McChesney wrote about how democracy tends to be the first casualty in the collision of big media and big money. As keynote speaker at the Nov. 3 Citizen Media Forum put on by Twin Cities Media Alliance, he continued the theme in a discussion about “journalism’s freefall” and the challenges and triumphs of the fledgling media reform movement, which has grown exponentially since he founded its top advocacy group, Free Press, in 2002.

“Benanav and Prince to leave office, legacy”:
by Anne Holzman, Park Bugle
From soccer to student housing, transit to trees, Jay Benanav and Jane Prince have tackled a lot of issues in their decade on the St. Paul City Council.

“Minnesota’s lonely elders”:
by Issa A. Mansaray, African News Journal
Minnesota African Women’s Association executive talks about elders’ mental health in Minnesota


“Skin-care niche”:
by Gabrielle Ly, Minnesota Women’s Press
Her own needs led scientist Gabrielle Ly to develop skin-care products for Asian women

“Point of Entry”:
by Ann Klefstad, MN Artists
What does it mean for an emigrant artist to call Minnesota home? We talk to Manjunan Gnanaratnam, Gladys Beltran, Xavier Tavera, and Jila Nikpay.

“A park… and a memorial”:
by Gail Olson, The Northeaster
An upcoming ‘land dedication’ will celebrate two long-awaited projects on one strip of riverfront land: a veterans memorial and a neighborhood park.


“Aging: What’s the plan?”:
by Kari Thurlow, Minnesota Health and Housing Alliance, Minnesota 2020
My three-year old daughter is a bit precocious, and perhaps a little ‘type-A.’ Since the child could string words together in a sentence, she has started most days asking me, ‘Mommy, what’s the plan?’ Most days, I give her a detailed account of our itinerary, from sun up to sun down.


“Thinking Out Loud in Print”:
by Eleanor Arnason, Facts & Fictions