Today in the Daily Planet, 11/3/07



“Overpass Iran! Peace activists bring protests to Twin Cities highways”:
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
Armed with large orange signs, Women Against Military Madness members took to highway overpasses during Monday evening rush hour with a simple message: “Don’t Bomb Iran.” In all, 40 signs were held on pedestrian bridges throughout the Twin Cities.

“EPA announces expansion of South Minneapolis arsenic cleanup”:
by Jeremy Stratton and Ed Kohler, The Bridge
An effort to remove arsenic contamination from South Minneapolis lots will likely be expanded to include 541 more homes than original expected. Informational open houses will be held Nov. 13–15.

“Both grave delegations return with more questions”:
by Wameng Moua & Kathy Moua, Hmong Today
Describing their visit to the gravesite at the Wat Thamkrabok in Thailand, Michael Yang’s eyes open wide. ‘All day long, it had been a sunny day with no cloud in sight,’ Yang recalls while excitedly raising his arms above his head. ‘Suddenly, after visiting the site where the graves had been dug up, the sky opened up and we were hit with typhoon like rain. In my mind, and consulting with the elders, that was a clear sign that the spirits were with us on our journey.’

“A lingering question mark as another key Stribber departs”:
by Paul Schmelzer, Minnesota Monitor
The Star Tribune’s editorial page is losing another important contributor in Dave Hage, the 30-year Strib writer and editorial page staffer who announced on Tuesday he’s leaving to become communications director for Sen. Amy Klobuchar. The move continues a turbulent spell for both the paper and the editorial page — and it’s sparking speculation about what comes next. While Hage’s position will be refilled, a lingering question mark — even for many at the paper — is: By whom?


“Ward Two: Thune vs. Hosko”:
by Lauren Knapp, KFAI
As part of the race for the St. Paul City Council, incumbent Ward 2 council member Dave Thune and challenger Bill Hosko recently met in a debate in St. Paul.

“Stark vs. Bushard in St. Paul’s Ward 4”:
by Silke Rossman, KFAI
In our ongoing coverage of the St. Paul City Council Elections we bring you the latest from the race in Ward 4. Two new candidates, Russ Stark and Terrance Bushard, are running to replace Jay Benenav who has served Ward 4 since 1998. During a recent debate at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, both candidates spoke about the issues in Ward 4 and how they want to find solutions.

“Harris is Smooth Sailing in Ward 3”:
by Hilary Johnson
Ward 3 in St. Paul is bordered by West 7th Street, Summit Avenue, Lexington Parkway and the Mississippi River and is home to Highland Park and the site of the soon to be closed Ford Plant. It is also home to Incumbent 3rd Ward Council Member Pat Harris and challenger Gerald Mischke. As of late August, Mischke has ceased campaigning efforts after being laid off from his position at the Star Tribune. Harris, who has held this office for 8 years continues campaigning, highlighting it as an opportunity to reach out to people.


“Time of my own”:
by Tami Mohamed Brown, Minnesota Women’s Press
I’ve found that as much of an advocate as I am for a place to go and do and think, in reality, sometimes you have to get creative in order to make the time to create. – Tami Mohamed Brown


“I am from Ethiopia”:
by Ermias, New Minnesotans Speak