Today in the Daily Planet, 11/29/07



“La Natividad celebrates Christmas traditions on Lake Street”:
by Jennifer Holder, TC Daily Planet
La Natividad is a remarkable bilingual production for all ages that honors community, religion, and tradition. Audience/participants in the third-annual event will walk the streets, sing, eat and enjoy a colorful and festive show that combines puppetry and street theatre. Re-creation of the time-honored biblical story of the nativity proceeds along a cultural, theatrical and spiritual course that includes a traditional Latino “La Posada” procession. (La posada means ‘inn’ in Spanish.)

“Watch the UpTake-O-Meter measure the DFL U.S. Senate debate”:
by Michael McIntee and Greg Skog, Inside Minnesota Politics
Probably the most significant aspect of Tuesday’s US Senate DFL debate at Minneapolis Roosevelt High School was not the candidates, but the audience. With the election still nearly a year away, the debate drew enough people to fill the auditorium’s lower level. A good portion of those in the audience were there to back Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer. His campaign volunteers and supporters had packed the auditorium.

“Green Collar: Renewable energy jobs could boost state’s economy”:
by Dan Haugen, Minnesota Monitor
Switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy has potential to stabilize not only the planet’s climate but also the nation’s struggling manufacturing sector.



“Theater review: A pleasantly prickly play date with ‘Mr. Marmalade'”:
by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
Adult actors playing young children who transfer their parents’ unhappy lives into their own relationships with imaginary friends? The challenge faced by Walking Shadow Theatre Company in staging Mr. Marmalade makes Max Fischer’s proposal to adapt Serpico for the high school stage look like a slam dunk. Against all odds, the company succeeds brilliantly by embracing the madcap invention in Noah Haidle’s 2004 play.

“Interview: New Primitives, righteously spiced”:
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
There is justice in the world: starting November 29, New Primitives are the Thursday night house-draw at Nye’s Bar & Polonaise Room in Minneapolis. This band wrote the book on powerhouse Afro-Cuban rock. When New Primitives throw down, it’s time to git on up and shake some hips.

“‘Madeline’s Christmas’ delights”:
by Jennifer Holder, Special to the TC Daily Planet

“Changing hands: Art without reservation”:
by Erin Vassipoulos and Emily Dussault, KFAI
A new exhibition at the Weisman Art Museum entitled Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation features contemporary Native North American art from the West, Northwest, and Pacific.


“The problem with St. Paul”:
by Stephen B. Young, The Fifth Column


“Republican sex scandal showdown: Vitter versus Craig”:
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
National LGBT groups are demanding that the Senate Ethics Committee either open an investigation into Sen. David Vitter or drop the investigation of Sen. Larry Craig, both Republicans. Citing the hypocrisy of investigating Craig’s arrest while ignoring Vitter’s admission of involvement with prostitution, the groups charge homophobia as the motivating factor — one that is involved in many instances of bias in the handling of sexual impropriety.