Today in the Daily Planet, 11/26/07



“Eagan’s Best Brands uses immigration status to replace full-time workers with temps”:
by Dan Gordon, TC Daily Planet
On September 10, managers at Eagan’s Best Brands factory began summoning workers into their office one by one. By the same time the following week, the baked goods company had fired somewhere between 60 and 100 workers, almost a third of the factory’s staff by workers’ estimates.

“Ending homelessness in St. Paul”:
Produced by SPNN
SPNN talks with Jim Anderson of Ramsey County Human Services and Rosemarie Reger-Rumsey of Listening House about the effort to end homelessness in Saint Paul.

“Educators commit to helping all kids succeed”:
by Jennifer Holder, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Participants urged to make the right choice at MMEP’s 20th anniversary celebration

“Japanese and American playwright exchange is groundbreaking”:
by Dean S. Potter, Asian Pages
When you embrace another culture you explore the differences, but more importantly you discover that the likenesses tells you that we are more alike than different — knowledge that can only lead to harmony and peace. The Tokyo 2006 International Festival helped this embracing of cultures by having American theatrical plays translated into Japanese and read before Japanese audiences by Japanese actors.

“Homosexuality, abstinence figure huge in suburban election drama”:
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
Social conservatives are claiming victory in the resignation of a popular suburban school superintendent upset with results of a recent school board election. Tom Westerhaus of the Prior Lake-Savage school district decided to quit rather than work for a newly elected school board member whom he fired as a district employee months ago.

“Cows to remain on St. Paul campus”:
by Alex Robinson, Minnesota Daily
Animal coordinator Bill Hansen’s future is like the giant bull statues anchored on the lawn of the St. Paul campus – not changing anytime soon.


“Pee Wee Paulose’s Big Adventure”:
by Rich Broderick, Ground Zero


“The Beckham mania”:
by Ahmed Tharwat, TC Daily Planet
Last Sunday the highly-touted and long-awaited British footballer, David Beckham, finally showed up at the Metrodome in Minneapolis. The media hype of the arrival of the new American superstar is a phenomenon that has nothing to do with the beautiful game of soccer and a lot to do with the beautiful footballer. The challenge facing soccer in the U.S. is much greater than can be influenced by a ‘hot’ 33-year-old player who ‘looks better than 99% of his gender,’ according to C.J., a columnist at the Star Tribune.