Today in the Daily Planet, 11/25/07



“House of Mercy goes to war”:
by Joel Grostephan, KFAI
All kinds of groups have come out against the war in Iraq in the past few years. City councils have passed resolutions, and church groups regularly hold vigils. But there’s a church in St. Paul that’s trying to get to the heart of the matter. This Sunday, House of Mercy Church is dedicating a day to singing war hymns, and peace songs in an effort to acknowledge the church’s place in the culture of war.

“Eritrean forum calls for ‘smart sanctions’ on the goverment”:
by Ntuv Tunka, The African News Journal
Members of Minneapolis-based Eritrean Forum have emphasized that it supports any action that gets the attention of the current administration, which they accuse of destroying the hopes & aspiration of the Eritrean people and their homeland.

“Foreign language enrollment up at U, in U.S.”:
by Mike Rose, Minnesota Daily
All languages are seeing enrollment increases, but Asian languages and Arabic have increased the most.


Readers, Writers and Books

“Humor(less) features Hmong humor”:
by Song Vang, TC Daily Planet
Paj Ntaub Voice, the premier Hmong literary arts journal in the nation, will launch the release of its newest edition titled Humor(less) on Friday, November 30th from 7- 9 PM with a free public reading at Nina’s Café directly above Common Good Books.

by Sarah Stockholm, Minnesota Women’s Press
Elaine Wynne transforms her world

“Epstein talks about Social Security’s future”:
by Liz Riggs, Minnesota Daily
As the Baby Boomer Generation draws closer to retirement age, more and more questions are being raised about the fate of the Social Security program.


by John Van Hecke, Minnesota 2020
Today, Governor Pawlenty and I face a similar challenge: what to do with the carcass?