Today in the Daily Planet, 11/18/07



“Understaffing is compromising patient care, new nursing study finds”:
by Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota
One of every three Minnesota residents says the lack of nurses on duty affected the quality of care that they or a loved one received while in the hospital, a new study finds.

“Southeast Como residents oppose removing homes for Grand Rounds ‘missing link’”:
by Bill Hoffman, The Bridge
Newest proposed route could eliminate homes, but slowly, says Park Board

“‘Walking with my lantern….’ in St. Paul”:
by Julia Degen, Special to the TC Daily Planet
The German tradition of St. Martin’s Day comes to St. Paul.

“Student walkout protests Iraq war”:
by Macy Salzberger, Special to the TC Daily Planet
“Minnesota students walk out against the war”:
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor

Readers, Writers and Books

“Twin Cities Noir: Review”:
by Tom Lonergan, Special to the TC Daily Planet
The Twin Cities as ‘place’ does not immediately come to mind when one thinks of urban crime stories. Having lived for more than 25 years in Detroit, perceived to be a far more dangerous place in the American psyche, I read ‘Twin Cities Noir,’ with the expectation of finding mysterious, disconnected murders, much like when the body of a middle-aged auto executive was found along Detroit’s main drag, near where I lived a few decades ago. The discovery of this crime warranted nothing but a three or four paragraph short in the morning paper’s local section with the requisite line: ‘the police investigation remains open.’

“Looking for Asian America — A conversation with photographer Wing Young Huie”:
by Liz Riggs and Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge
In August of 2001, award-winning, Seward-based photographer Wing Young Huie embarked upon a 9-month cross-country road trip with his wife, Tara Simpson Huie. The idea: to document Asian America and ‘explore the changing cultural landscape,’ he writes in the preface of his new book, Looking for Asian America — an Ethnocentric Tour, published in November by the University of Minnesota Press.

“Minnesota Book Awards”:
by Jessica Fox-Wilson, Uptown Neighborhood News
Writers are often romanticized, from the inspired poet scribbling an ode to the harried novelist composing an opus. The reality of writing, however, is something else entirely. Most of the time, writers compose manuscripts in solitude, with no guarantee that anyone will ever read the end result.