Today in the Daily Planet, 11/17/07



“Midwest global warming pact could sway national policy”:
by Dan Haugen, Minnesota Monitor
A major global-warming agreement signed Thursday by Gov. Tim Pawlenty and eight other Midwest governors is expected to rev the region’s economy and make it a leader in greenhouse gas reductions. The compact boosts other states’ conservation and renewable energy goals in line with those set in Minnesota this year and lays the groundwork for a regional carbon cap-and-trade system by 2010.

“High school students stage walk-out, demonstration”:
by Bretton Jones, Special to the TC Daily Planet
Metro-area high school students walk out to protest Iraq war and military recruiters in schools.

“Obama talks shop with community organizers”:
by Vickie Evans-Nash, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Michelle Obama was in the Twin Cities last week visiting Hope Community, an organization that started in 1977 as a shelter for the homeless. In response to a community ravished by a crack-cocaine epidemic in the early 1990s, Hope Community expanded their housing focus to include civic engagement.


“Tracing human origins through art”:
by Mary O’Regan, Downtown Journal
Downtown artist Lynn Fellman likes science. During a recent meeting at her 801 Washington Avenue studio on a blustery fall day, she explained some of the basics behind deep-DNA ancestry. With my notebook in hand, I listened intently and tried to keep up — biology never was my strong suit.

“Sale of city parking ramps could lead to more housing and retail”:
by Anna Ewart, Minnesota Daily
In a city like Minneapolis, parking can make or break a neighborhood’s success. A privately owned company is planning to develop new housing and retail additions near Minneapolis parking ramps after the City Council approved the sale of eight parking ramps for a total of $88 million.

“U of M taps ethnic media to boost minority enrollment, hiring”:
by Edwin Okong’o , Mshale
A top University of Minnesota official in charge of reaching out to underrepresented communities said today that the institution was far from achieving its goal of a diverse student body, faculty and staff, and appealed to ethnic media to help.


“Worms in her basement?”:
by Michele St. Martin, Minnesota Women’s Press
Michele St. Martin’s ongoing environmental evolution


“I am from …”:
by Patricia Guerrero, New Minnesotans Speak