Today in the Daily Planet, 11/14/07



“WSCO: What’s up with last minute bylaw changes?”:
by Issa A. Mansaray, Special to the TC Daily Planet
Last year, hundreds of people were bused in from outside the neighborhood to stage a takeover of the West Side Citizen’s Organization. In late October, the by-laws were amended, in a last-minute move that raises questions for this year’s annual meeting.

“Eyeballing the bang we get for our education buck”:
by John Fitzgerald, Minnesota 2020
Two professors have cracked the nut of an old problem: How do you perform a cost-benefit analysis on education?

“A New Public Conversation about Health Care”:
by Liz Doyle, Minnesota 2020
Fifty Apple Valley residents gathered together on a rainy Tuesday evening last July at the Apple Valley Community Center to share their concerns about one of the most pressing issues now facing Minnesota families: the soaring cost of health care.

Mark your calendar! “Flaming film festival lights up Bedlam Theater this weekend”:
by Chris Pommier, Special to the TC Daily Planet
Entering Patrick’s Cabaret last Saturday night for the 7th annual Flaming Film Festival’s preview show, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The Festival is the brainchild of local rocker, artist, director, activist, mentor, and community volunteer Lisa Ganser. Since 1999 she has been encouraging and supporting independent Queer filmmakers from Minnesota and beyond to push boundaries and blur contemporary understandings of ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian.’


“Bachmann, Kline cast only Minnesota votes against Employment Non-Discrimination bill”:
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
The The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) passed the House Wednesday in a vote of 235-185 with 35 Republicans crossing over to support the bill. Republican representatives Michele Bachmann and John Kline were the only members of the Minnesota delegation to vote against the measure, which would make sexual orientation discrimination illegal in employment, exempting religious institutions.

“Kazoua Kong-Thao reelected to school board, while Pakou Hang loses council race to Dan Bostrom”:
by Tom LaVenture, Asian American Press
For what was considered an ‘off-year’ political race, with no state or federal offices, their was plenty of ‘all-politics-is-local’ impact on Tuesday, with many contests brings cheers and tears. Two closely watched contests of interest to the Asian community were in St. Paul.

“A band of outsiders”:
By Andrea Carlson, MN Artists
At a pipe ceremony, I once teased an elder about his unorthodox way of conducting his invocations. The joke was (I always find myself needing to explain my humor) that I was undermining his authority at all–I don’t even have a pipe, let alone any kind of expertise about this ceremony.


“The business end of the Vikings”:
by Jeff Fecke, Minnesota Monitor
Ladies and gentlemen, your team with no basic humanity: the Minnesota Vikings. Vikings wideout Troy Williamson’s grandmother died last week; she had raised him. At the same time his brother has been in the hospital, going in and out of a coma. And so Williamson did what anyone would do: he made funeral arrangements. He booked a ticket home to say goodbye to his grandmother and be with his ailing brother. And because of all of that, he told the Vikings that he’d have to miss a game in order to support his family.


“How to find truth”:
by Stephen B. Young, Fifth Column