Today in the Daily Planet, 11/13/07



“A Look at the Rock-Tenn Community Advisory Panel”:
by Dan Gordon, Special to the TC Daily Planet
There’s a jury in St. Paul that meets every two weeks. Unlike other juries, it deliberates in public, rather than behind closed doors. It meets in a church instead of a courtroom. It passes judgment not on criminal cases but on fuel sources. It’s called the Rock-Tenn Community Advisory Panel (RCAP) and, like a jury, it’s subject to the same manipulations, distortions, and conflicts of interest that surface around criminal proceedings.

“U of M poised for long-term North Minneapolis partnership”:
by Anna Pratt, Minnesota Spokesman Recorder
Amid lingering doubts, ‘U’ officials and supporters advance a new ‘urban agenda’

“Minnesota Team returns after meeting with President Kiir of Southern Sudan”:
by Dan Bernard and team, African News Journal
Editor’s note: A St. Paul man is trying to arrange a long-distance rescue of his one-year-old and three-year-old nieces after they were abducted by gunmen in Southern Sudan October 3. Gabriel K. Solomon, 30, a University of Minnesota graduate student, reports that his grandmother was fatally shot during the abduction, and his stepmother was also shot. The following report comes from a group working for the release of Yar and Ajak after their visit to Sudan.


“After Katrina: an experiment in labor media”:
Workday Minnesota
This year’s labor media convention was an experiment in labor media centers, providing tools and training for delegates to report and distribute the stories of crisis, struggle and progress. More than 70 labor journalists in 17 teams hit the streets of New Orleans and collaborated to create articles and multimedia presentations that capture the issues behind the Hurricane Katrina tragedy and explain their meaning.

“Green building for the rest of us”:
by Chris Shields, MN 2020
We’ve reached fall. It’s the time of year when a chilly night means flipping on the heat. However, on the first cold night this fall, I didn’t turn on the heat. In fact, I turned the thermostat a few degrees cooler. I suppose this comes with the territory when you’re living in one of Minneapolis’ first affordable green homes.

“Construction site viewing”:
by Michelle Bruch, Downtown Journal
Anyone interested in the I-35W bridge work can take a firsthand look at the construction site every Saturday at 11 a.m., beginning Nov. 10.


“KQRS and the Mea Culpa that wasn’t”:
by: Paul Schmelzer, Minnesota Monitor
When KQRS morning show DJs implied that a high suicide rate among native American teens was the result of incest, station managers were quick apologize. To make amends, they promised to hire native American interns and invite members of the Red Lake Chippewa and Shakopee Mdewakanton communities as guests during the state’s top-rated morning show. The move earned managers praise from the Star Tribune for their “swift and expansive response.”


“Private First Class Sonia Pitt”:
by Rich Broderick, Ground Zero