Today in the Daily Planet, 11/1/07



“Art attacking expectations: André Salvadore’s journey”:
by Jay Gabler, special to the TC Daily Planet
Walking past paintings of men and women in fedoras and feathered hats, artist André Salvadore tries to explain why he turned away from the abstract style favored by his early instructors. “I had this real deep interest in people, I had this people thing. People interest me!”

“More pollution in local wells, officials aren’t sure why”:
by Dan Haugen, The Northeaster
A state pollution cleanup team says it’s too soon to draw conclusions about what caused a spike in contamination this summer in three private wells south of Shoreham Yards.

“Stepping up for bridge victims”:
by Conrad deFiebre, Minnesota 2020
Say that a part of my house falls down, injuring or killing a passerby. There’s little doubt under the law that I’ll owe damages commensurate with the harm inflicted, especially if there’s evidence I knew the structure was faulty and did little or nothing to correct it.


“Junkyard Empire”:
by Dwight Hobbes, Special to the TC Daily Planet
Their fiercely innovative music combines hip-hop and avant garde jazz influences.

“A swath of color and chaos: The Clean House”:
by Jaime Kleiman, MN Artists
Sarah Ruhl has written a wonderful play, and Mixed Blood Theater does it justice, says Jaime Kleiman. It’s on through November 18.

“Music picks: Stars”:
by Christopher Koehler, Downtown Journal
Stars makes their mark with seemingly odd ‘chamber-pop’ combination


“Free Wheeling Florida?”:
by Louis Mendoza, A Journey Across Our America


“This Is What Democracy Looks Like?”:
By Steve Clemens, Special to the TC Daily Planet
The chants rang out: ‘Who is a terrorist?’ with the reply echoing, ‘Bush is a terrorist!’ ‘This is what democracy looks like’ – with the reply ‘Bush is what hypocrisy looks like!’ Bless their hearts; people are angry and fed up with war and occupation. The need to vent their anger at the geo-political realities certainly seems necessary as the war for oil and domination continues in its fifth year – with signs that it might not abate until our military is completely broken or our political ‘leaders’ grow some spine and stand up to the Administration.