Today in the Daily Planet, 10/31/07



“Spotlight on St. Anthony Park Community Council”:
by Katrina Plotz, Special to the TC Daily Planet
This is the first in a series of articles that will examine the various District Councils in St. Paul.

“Capitol cafeteria boycott ends as company accepts union contract”:
by Steve Share, Workday Minnesota
A 15-week union boycott of three cafeterias at the Minnesota state Capitol complex came to an end Oct.12 when the new contractor operating the cafeterias agreed to accept a union contract.

“Spiritual war: Controversial ideas stoke ministry fundraiser”:
by Jeff Fecke, Minnesota Monitor
A local Minnesota youth ministry believes that the pope is the devil, that attention deficit disorder, depression and alcoholism are myths, and that their organization is involved in a spiritual war for the soul of America.


“Buried history: Cemetery remains beneath Beltrami Park property”:
by Dan Haugen, Northeast Beat
The scary story goes that once a year on Halloween, graveyards come alive with ghosts, zombies and other walking undead. If you believe the tale – or you’re just the type of trick-or-treater to spook easily – you may want to avoid Beltrami Park on Wednesday.

“Meeting on library merger will be held Nov. 7”:
by Kari VanDerVeen, Downtown Journal
Residents can weigh in on the proposed merger of the Minneapolis and Hennepin County Public Library systems during a public hearing that will be held Nov. 7.

“Generational clash in Ward One”:
by Trang Do, KFAI
Incumbent Debbie Montgomery and Melvin Carter III, are the Ward One contestants in this Fall’s St. Paul City Council Elections. The issues in Ward One include Light Rail Transit in the Central Corridor, development in the Midway shopping area, small business sustainability, and public safety. Also included in this segment are the voices of Dennis Presley, Sr. of Got Voice, Got Power and David Taylor of the Snelling-Selby Area Business Association.


“Support your public school levies but press the state for more, smarter investment”:
by Dane Smith and Jeff Van Wychen, Growth & Justice
Warning signs: crowded classrooms, textbooks older than the students, disappearing arts and music programs, skyrocketing fees for extra-curricular activity, constant fund-raising appeals, and shabbier school buildings and grounds.


“Vote Yes on school board election reform”:
by Carla Bates, Special to the TC Daily Planet