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“Kurdish Immigrant: ‘Why Would the U.S. Turn Its Back on Us Now?'”:
by Abdi Aynte, Minnesota Monitor
From his thriving downtown St. Paul bistro, Hassan Naqshabandi is counting on the United States to rebuff Turkey if it attempts to invade his native Kurdistan in northern Iraq in pursuit of the Kurdish rebel group, the PKK. His view is shared by many Kurds, who, as the friendliest ethnic group in Iraq for the U.S. troops, have relied on the United States for protection since the first Gulf War.

“History of Kurds driving future of Iraq war”:
by Eric Black, Minnesota Monitor
A magic moment was missed 87 years ago in Kurdistan. Because it was missed, there is no Kurdistan. And, you could say, because there is no Kurdistan, Turkish troops are threatening to create what would be the latest of the long list of crises imperiling the misbegotten U.S. project in Iraq.

“Fulbright Scholar returns to Washington Technology Magnet School after year in Czech Republic”:
by Mary Thoemke, Special to the TC Daily Planet
Shelly Bertrand teaches English Language Learners (ELL) at Washington Technology Magnet School located in the North End of Saint Paul. Her students are seventh and eighth graders and about half of them have been in the United States for a short time. At home, the students’ families do not speak English, and as a result the students speak and understand limited English, making it a bit difficult to communicate at times.

Food and restaurants

“How sunshine freezes ice cream”:
by Julia Degen, Special to the TC Daily Planet
It seems unnatural, but the ice cream you are eating may have been produced with the help of sunshine. Since the production and storage of ice cream consumes a lot of electricity, Izzy’s Ice Cream on Marshall Avenue in St. Paul is running on solar energy.

“Chocolate cravings”:
by Kelly Westhoff, Minnesota Women’s Press
Shoma Hokanson’s love of chocolate has led to sweet success

“North Coast: The Tasting Menu is Back”:
by Jeremy Iggers, Breaking Bread: The Rake
My guess is, Ryan Aberle dreams of someday running a restaurant like Grant Achatz’s Alinea in Chicago, or Thomas Keller’s Per Se in Manhattan. For the time being, though, he’s the executive chef at North Coast in Wayzata. During the summer months, Aberle runs a high volume feeding operation, turning out Thai chicken wraps and bacon cheeseburgers and Caesar salads for the crowds that pack the dockside patio.


“Learning the Cambodian Traditional Mask Dance”:
by Sovanthy Meng, New Minnesotans Speak


“Guilty relief”:
by Annie McCabe, Minnesota Women’s Press
Annie McCabe’s husband is home from Iraq, but she can’t stop thinking of Iraqi families