Today in the Daily Planet, 10/25/07



“African business thrives on St. Paul’s University Avenue”:
by Issa A. Mansaray, Special to the TC Daily Planet
The welcome sign at Midway Rendezvous Coffee reads, ‘Coffee of the day – Sidamo Ethiopian Coffee.’ The customers sitting around the small circular table are from Somalia, Ethiopia, and Eritrea.

“The UpTake: Knocking down the barriers to Video Citizen Journalism”:
by Michael McIntee, Inside Minnesota Politics
One by one the barriers to creating your own mass media have been coming down. First blogs let anyone publish their own newspaper, then podcasts let anyone publish their own radio show, now online videos let anyone put out a TV show…if you have the equipment and technical know how.

“North Country Co-op to close by November 4”:
by Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge
Cornerstone of Twin Cities’ cooperative movement could not overcome declining sales

“Fourth Friday at Golden Thyme”:
by Dwight Hobbes, Special to the TC Daily Planet
Mahmoud El-Kati, Twin Cities historian and scholar, revered in African American communities as a griot, offers with St. Paul’s Golden Thyme Coffee Café a splendid film series, Fourth Friday at the Movies. The monthly gathering assembles folk to access long-obscured contributions to national and international cinema by black producers, directors, screenwriters, actors and technicians – as well as homage from industry professionals who don’t happen to be black.

“In Another’s Boots: Cherry Docs”:
Jaime Kleiman, MN Artists
Jaime Kleiman reviews the Minnesota Jewish Theater Company’s “Cherry Docs,” an unsettling look, through the medium of shoes, at how intolerance can entangle even those with good intentions.

“Casual Confusion returns for Halloween”:
by Dwight Hobbes, Special to the TC Daily Planet
Casual Confusion, blasphemous as it is to say, legitimately follows in the footsteps of The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Arthur Lee’s seminal rock band Love – and not just because head honcho Colin Hodges is black. Launched in late 2005, they’ve gained strong traction in short time, going over the next year from unheard of upstarts to burning up the brush on the strength of sheer word of mouth.

“One of your worst nightmares?”:
Jeffrey Kalstrom, MN Artist
Jeffrey Kalstrom offers his True Account of the Haunted House in the Soap Factory basement. Through (of course) Halloween.


“Condos, condos, condos … empty, uncompleted, scratched”:
by Todd Melby, Building Minnesota


“America dries up”:
by Jeff Fecke, Minnesota Monitor
When people talk about the risks of global warming, the discussion usually centers around rising ocean levels. We are all of us, skeptics and believers alike, aware of the images of Florida half-submerged, the Pacific islands obliterated, Louisiana gone. Too much water will flood coastlines throughout the world, bringing destruction in its wake.